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Crystal Clear Cast GlassRK Signature Architectural Art Glass Furnishings Collection

State of the Art Cast Glass Benches.  This magnificent state of the art cast glass benches is a first in functional architectural glass design.  Elegant yet Bold.  Transparent yet Massive.  “A Visual Contradiction."

“Form and Function are the two pillars of Design.  My Medium of choice is Always Glass."  Robert Kaindl

I visualized this project three years ago unfortunately, the technology had not been developed to create such a massive glass structure - until now.  The daunting scale of my desire to create a unique masterwork would not be compromised.  Perfect Cast Glass Planks without bubbles or any imperfections, I was told by industry experts that my expectations of this project was simply impossible.  I was committed to my vision and embarked on a 38 month journey, working tirelessly with a custom Kiln production team for 15 months.  Finally, I had my custom Casting Kiln and the perfectly Crystal Clear Glass that I visualized from the beginning.  96 inches Long (8 feet long) x 7 inches Wide x 2.5 inches Thick.  These massive glass components for this table weighs 2,000 pounds.

Crystal Clear Cast GlassTHE FOUNDATION
Each virtually indestructible Stainless Steel Base is custom made by hand with individual flat sheets of Stainless Steel (not extruded tubing).  Each edge is welded and finely worked with all edges finished to perfect right angles, available in multiple finishes to include high gloss nickel chrome to a soft burnished industrial surface.  The surfaces facing the Crystal Glass will have a
proprietary integrated internal lighting system, which provides a stunning controllable ambient glow throughout each Crystal Glass component maximizing the Prisms Spectrums Effects.

GLASS IMAGE EXAMPLES (above right): 
Perfectly Crystal Clear Crystal Glass sample (no bubbles, no cords, or imperfections) 3 inches Thick by 7 inches Wide and 16 inches Long.  The actual finished pieces are 96 inches (8 feet) Long and 2.5 inches Thick by 7 inches Wide, with the possibilities of being up to 6 inches thick.  Each brilliant Crystal Glass plank is a study in perfection, crystal clear, with a high sheen polished and beveled edges to produce the most brilliant prismatic spectrum possible.

Cast Glass Art
Natural Lighting

Cast Glass Art Cast Glass Art Cast Glass Art

Architectural Cast Glass Benches - Wall Street Park Manhattan New York
each individual block has 150 LED lights within it that incrementally and consistently change throughout the night

Architectural Cast Glass Block Architectural Cast Glass Blocks Architectural Cast Glass Benches

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Cast Crystal Furniture
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